Works where others failed

I have the task of repairing potholes in the roads in our subdivision near Llano Texas. I am extremely impressed by your product. We tested it where a contractors patch had failed and it is doing great.

Don Van Arnam

Withstood the abuse extremely well

Road rescue has proved to withstand the test of time. I put the product down on the road at the end of my driveway January 16, 2012. It has taken lots of abuse. Most recently big trucks have been unloading heavy equipment directly on the patch. A skid steer was rotated over, around and back and forth over the patch. I was prepared to buy some more road rescue to fix the mess made by the skid steer but there wasn’t anything to repair. This product withstood the abuse extremely well.

Joe Foley

65 Year Old can do it!

This is a different use for this product but boy does it work! I help my elderly neighbor keeping up her house and yard. She has holes in her back yard that can be up to 4ft. deep or more. Sometimes not very but deep. We have tried, concrete, sand, top soil with no results. We have purchased 13 bags in the last 3 days and I have poured every single bag in the holes. It is holding up so very well. I pour some, pack and pour some more, repeat until I get to the top then smooth out. Fantastic!! I called the rep for this product yesterday when I thought our local dealer was out. He checked into my issue and returned my call with all the answers. I even received a call from him today to make sure everything is working out ok. NOW THAT IS SERVICE!! Don’t look for service like this everywhere but can certainly look for it here. We will be going back tomorrow to purchase another 5 bags for a couple more holes and then to have some we can keep on the ready. I am a 65 year old woman in poor health and I could use this product with ease. Try it today, you will not be disappointed.


Far better than with any other bagged patches

Hello! We’ve been using your product, Road Rescue patching asphalt. We’ve had EXCELLENT results with the product…far better than with any other bagged patches that we’ve used. We’re a county…it’s our business. Thank you very much and congratulations on a great product!


Doesn’t Solidify in Bag

I bought a bag of this in June 2012 and did not use it until this past weekend. I figured it might be hard as a rock, so I dropped it on the drive like you would a bag of ice. It worked perfectly and is now hard as rock where I need it, on the driveway. Very good product. I mention this because this is sometimes the first question, does it solidify in the bag? Answer: No!


Sold more bags than competitors

Since stocking Road Rescue here at T.J. Moore Lumber Yard, we sold more bags in 5 months than that of the competitor’s product in a year. While doing so we have increased our margins at the same time. We contribute this success not only to a user friendly product, but to the packaging allowing us to put stock inside on end caps, and promoting.

Carter Plumley

Easy to handle

I have used Road Rescue’s product on repairing asphalt holes in my driveway. It was easy to handle and did an excellent job on repairing my driveway.

Dick Geries

Highly Recommend

Road Rescue is packaged in a 50 lb. bag, which makes it easy to handle and apply to the area to be repaired without the material making a mess on you or in your vehicle. The convenience of being able to go to the hardware store and pick up just the amount of material needed for a repair instead of having to buy the material in bulk (if you can find it) and then either pay the freight to have it delivered or haul it yourself and get asphalt residue all over the bed of your truck or trailer easily justifies the $12 price per bag. The product itself is of excellent quality. The small aggregate size allows the material to be used to fill even small holes and cracks and the generous amount of flux oil mixed with the aggregate results in outstanding packing qualities. I highly recommend Road Rescue for small to moderate size repairs to asphalt driveways and parking areas.